Results Tracking 2014

News Alert – 2 new TDs and one new TDX awarded at this weekend’s (11/8-9/14)  PVGRC annual TD/TDX test in Cross Junction, VA.

It was a great tracking weekend – weather was superb to be outside plotting tracks on Saturday.   Weather on Sunday was blue sky, puffy white clouds, some wind, temps in mid-50’s.    Sunday’s tracks were drawn as follows:

TD #1 – German Shepherd – passed,  had little trouble from start to finish.  New TD!

TD #2 – Sheltie – failed, missed the 2nd turn.

TD #3 – Dachshund – failed, was on the last leg, turned around and backtracked beyond the actual last turn.

TD #4 – Westie – passed; got pulled off track by scent pulling in low area, but worked it out, getting back on track to find the glove at the end.  New TD!

TDX #1 – Golden Retriever – passed; gallery was able to watch almost all of this dog’s track; it was “textbook.”    Congrats to club member Wendy Takacs and her first tracking dog – Greta!    New TDX!

TDX #2 – Doberman – failed; went right at the 1st turn, instead of left; could not recover.

TDX #3 – Dachshund – failed; took first set of crosstracks, and stayed on them.

Alt X4 – Weimaraner – failed; took crosstracks and couldn’t recover.

Thanks to the following club members who helped:

Donna Thompson – Secretary, finding fields, use of little red schoolhouse as headquarters

Sat. Workers/Judges lunch – Joyce Riggs

Sunday Morning Hospitality – Nancy Runion, Nancy Kulig

Sunday Lunch Hospitality – Kerry Troxel, Jeannette Hoover, Debbie Alls-Temples, Teresa Blumberg

TD Tracklayers – John & Cher Snyder, Marge Paulding

TDX Tracklayers – Marsha Dulz, Leslie Peszczynski, Ken Wiedel, Pat Kavanaugh

CrossTrack Layers – Tom Dulz, Sheri McAlevey

 Marge Paulding, Test Chairperson