Results 2014 Fall WC WCX







WCX qualifiers, L-R:
Colleen Charles, Lynwood’s Harvest Moon Riona RA JH WCX
Tracey Fudge, Casblaidd Over the Line WCX
Scott Borden, Blazin’s Just Drive CD JH WCX
Andy Moore, Wills Mountain Augustus WCX
Sally Hall, Judge
Janet Ciarico, Judge
Nancy Kulig, Topbrass Commander CD BN RE JH WCX CGC CCA
Sharon Albright,UCDX Gaylan’s P’NutButter Cup Sundae UD TD SH WCX VCX CCA
Judy Gladson,CH Victory’s Gone Sailing RN SH WCX






WC qualifiers, L-R:
Betsy Harringer, Rudiger Von Plzen CDX RE JH WC
Tricia Dunseith, Weebe Celtic Legend JH WC CGC
Cindy Williamson, Lycinan’s Emissary WC & Graceken Lycinan Earthshak’n WC
Bob Bennett, Alidar Demons BeGone WC
Joan Donohue, Aquest Covent Garden WC
Sally Hall, Judge
Janet Ciarico, Judge
Laurie Collins, Genesis Leap of Faith WC
Tracey Fudge, Blacktoft Tango WC
Sandy Ziemski, Gaylan’s High Voltage WC






Puppies, L-R:
Nicole DeBernardi, Watermark’s Mission Bell
Linda Reynolds, Judge
Andy Moore, Red Hot Firebird
Chris LeBel, Judge
Lynn Hostetler, Weebe Whole Lotta Rosie






Veterans, L-R:
Linda Reynolds, judge
Judy Gladson, Victory’s Diligent Mariner SH WCX, GCH Victory Deep Blue Sea BN RN JH WC & Victory’s Clear Sailing CDX BN RE MH OA NAJ NF WCX
Chris LeBel, Judge

1 thought on “Results 2014 Fall WC WCX

  1. Beth Russell & Bob Blunt

    Congratulations to each team that qualified. I know from experience that a great deal of hard work goes into preparing for a test. If Sat wasn’t you teams day, spend time this fall/winter. Your day will come.

    Kudos to Tricia-all organizers and the judges. We enjoyed watching and listening to your comments.
    Helpful for our newbie who is just coming on to the field.


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