A number of organizations provide pet loss support to individuals and families. Below is a partial list. In most cases, you will need to leave your name and phone number, and then a veterinarian, veterinary student, or trained volunteer will return your call (at your expense).

Animal Association of Arizona 602-995-5885
Animal Medical Center NY 212-838-8100
Chicago Veterinary Medical Association 630-603-3994 or 708-603-3994
Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine 607-253-3932
Florida Animal Health Foundation 800-798-6196
Iams Pet Loss Support Center 888-332-7738
Iowa State University 888-ISU-PLSH
Michigan State University 517-432-2696
Ohio State University Pet Loss Support Hotline 614-292-1823
Pacific Animal Therapy Society, Victoria, B.C. 250-389-8047
Pet Friends, Inc., New Jersey 800-404-PETS
Tufts Pet Loss Support Hotline 508-839-7966
University of California, Davis 916-752-4200
University of Florida 352-392-4700 (Dial 1,then 4080)
University of Pennsylvania 215-898-4529
Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Vet Medicine 540-231-8038

In addition, the following websites may be helpful:

www.aplb.orgThe Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
www.petloss.comPet Loss Grief Support
www.rainbowbridge.comThe Rainbow Bridge Veterinary Medical Association.  This document is for sale in packs of 50 but you can download a free copy.  To do so, click on the word “Englishk” that is to the righto the PDF icon.